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Fashion Blogging Guide for Newbies



In a world where everyone is now fashion conscious, starting a fashion blog may seem like an ideal option. Sadly, the industry is highly crowded and you will have to go an extra mile to get your blog up and running. For most people trying out fashion blogging, the success seems enticing and in most cases, it blinds them to thinking it will easily come their way upon having a blog. The truth on the other hand can be quite discouraging. Upon setting your fashion blog, it will take you quite some years to enjoy the promised success. One key factor to keep in mind when starting on your fashion blogging career is that quality comes before quantity. Once you have quality content for your blog, the rest will easily follow. At this point, you will have to focus more on getting readers that return. In fact, you will be required to invest more cash in the undertaking before ripping any returns.

Have a unique view

Do not do what everyone else is doing. Besides, being the fashion industry, uniqueness always sells. Be unique in the design of your fashion blog as well as with the content you post. What works for another person may not work for you. Being that there are millions of fashion blogs available in the industry, you will have stiff competition to put up with. In fact, do not be in a rush to get your blog running. Invest your time in coming up with a unique way to sell your content and gain a competitive edge over the rest in the industry. To make the endeavor fun, ensure you stick with a fashion niche you love and passionate about. The fashion industry is bold and trying to follow every niche will be your downfall. Stick to one niche with a great deal of consistency to enjoy the full benefits of your fashion blogging career.


Being a fashion blogger means, you have to up your networking skills. Stay up to date with all upcoming and trending fashion events across the globe and attend those you can. Major cities such as London have no shortage of fashion event when fashion bloggers can hook up and catch the latest trend in the industry. You can also make use of social media networks to connect with the global audience with ease. Social media networks have completely revolutionized how the global population communicates. Unlike in the past, bloggers and business owners are fast embracing these technologies to reach their target audience.

Fashion blogging cannot not be successful without the use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter among others. These platforms provide bloggers a great means to rate the reception of their concept. However, with the use of such platforms, you will be required to be open to criticism and be willing to listen to your audience. This is the easiest way through which you can easily get connected with a wide range of people sharing the …


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If you carefully browse through the endless rod at TK Maxx, you can find a few bargains with security. The motto of the company is to deliver big brands at small prices and everything is offered here, from fashion to Homewares. In the flagship store in Charing Cross, you can browse four floors and admire about 5,500 pairs of shoes! It is delivered daily new goods and therefore a visit is hardly sufficient.

Haute Couture at a budget price at H & M. Here you will find essential clothing in high quality, as well as many colourful, trend-strong designs. H & M has made himself a name through cooperation in collections with countless designers and celebrities in terms of fashion. The offer varies from branch to branch, and men’s fashion, pregnancy fashion, kids fashion and collections in oversize are offered. The flagship store on Oxford Circus boasts with a shoe zone, a relaxation area and 80 cabins.

The Japanese clothing company UNIQLO is great for chic, casual stuff, much like a cheap Cap. Here you can cover up with funky tops, trousers, knitwear and women’s clothing in the current fashion colors. UNIQLO offers a collection with designer T shirts, which is always renewed. If you are casual but funky clothes, please visit UNIQLO.

Claire is a glittering shop for cheap accessories, which are now fully in trend. The wide variety of earrings, often great discounts are available. Ceiling with favourable glitter as bargain-bracelets, sparkling tiaras and cool chain. If you are on glitz and glamour, you can really beat Claire BB´s and complete your outfits for a few pounds.…


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The Galeria Kaufhof in the Danube Mall held yesterday afternoon, on April 9, a very special fashion show: current trends of spring and summer – special presents for visually impaired people. Professional advice was waiting for the visitors of the blind fashion show. 18 women and nine men were employees of the Galeria purchase hofes of clothing tips to make and present the latest collection.

Do you want a cool look that does not burden the piggy bank? Visit River of Iceland. The clothing range from rivets decorated jackets over one piece to ethno prints. Here you can find also trendy accessories and shoes. The singer Rihanna has designed this store chain even her own collection.

At a reasonable price, you find Styliche base coat at Dorothy Perkins. The business offers basic clothes such as jeans, cardigans and elegant Office clothes. Here you can find also cute dresses and extra tall – and Petite collections, as well as maternity wear. Most branches have also menswear, which is sold under the name of Burton. Burton offers a good selection of affordable pants, shirts, T-Shirts and suits.

Already, our ancestors have been trading with domestic pigs in mists. Pork bones the research group to the Kiel scientist Ben Krause Kyora and Almut Nebel proved now that people North of the Elbe already owned to 4600 before Christ pigs. This shows that hunters and farmers not only knew each other, but also have driven trade. The researchers suspect that the pigs because of their black spots were in demand.

The Kiel team of researchers studied the ancient DNA from bones and teeth from a total of 63 pigs. Therefore, the investigations showed that three of the animals from the former settlements North of the river Elbe have a different genetic signature as their wild Northern conspecifics. The genetic material is very similar with the of hogs from the Middle East. These pigs came together with the cattle breeders and farmers from the areas of the present-day Syria, Turkey and Iraq.…

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The people North of the river Elbe


The Lady’s mantle is the stylish addition to costume and trouser suit. But also to the leisure outfit of Lady’s mantle is a good catcher. The jeans, leggings and over the rock protects the coat at cooler temperatures and becomes a fashion star. The popular trench is 2013 strongly said. His youthful style, his convenient pockets and the large collar solutions make it our fashionable outdoor favorite. Also, he can bring wonderful figure with the belt – click on the beautiful coats and convince yourself!

The researchers suspect that the people North of the river Elbe also because of the striking coat color – might have interested in black spots on light ground – for the pigs. “Were these animals with new coat color, people knew only gray boar for millennia. It is conceivable that this new fashion was as popular as today the newest Smartphone, said fog from the Institute for clinical molecular biology.

Another highlight: the Bogner exclusive articles. Selected outerwear, swimwear and accessories are offered in limited quantities at the attractive price of the action here. Soft cardigans, stylish sweaters, elegant jackets and modern shoes for men, chic blouses and tunics, sportive Jeanswear, feminine skirts and dresses for the ladies and get more high-quality products, at an exclusive price.

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